Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Might Look Familiar to You

Kailyn Lowry pregnant

Now that we know that Chris Lopez is Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy, we really want to know more about him. What's he like? Does he plan on being involved in the new baby's life? We may not have all the answers yet, but as it turns out, you may have already seen him on TV. Apparently, Chris has been on Teen Mom 2 before -- seriously! 


This week, a fan pointed out that Chris may have actually appeared on an episode of the show before -- last season, when Jo came to get Isaac while Kail and Javi were fighting. Could Chris being at Kail's house be a reason that they had that massive blowout?! 

Here's what Chris looks like. Can you remember seeing him on the show? Our memory is a little fuzzy, but he definitely looks familiar... 

chris lopez

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But whether or not he's been on the show before, it's still up in the air whether or not he'll be appearing in the future. He doesn't seem to like the attention he's been getting, and he even changed his Twitter handle after Kail made the big reveal, presumably so he'd be more difficult to find for fans.

As Kail's due date gets closer -- and so does another season of Teen Mom 2, hopefully! -- we should find out more information about what the plan is. We hope that no matter what he decides about the show, Chris wants to be in his kiddo's life. Baby deserves a dad! 

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