All the Times Jenelle Evans Got NSFW on Instagram

Nicole Pomarico | May 12, 2017 TV
All the Times Jenelle Evans Got NSFW on Instagram


If one follows Jenelle Evans on Instagram, one already know she has a tendency to get a little racy. Of course, these days, her posts are mostly a combination of sweet couple pics with David Eason or adorable snaps of her kids, but before she welcomed Ensley into the world, nothing was off limits. From bikini pics, workout shots, and everything in between, here are some of Jenelle's most NSFW Instagram posts. 

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Jenelle has had a pretty turbulent history on the show that has made her a star: from her many fights with her mom Barb, her dubious boyfriends, her drug use, arrests, and now her eventual recovery -- Jenelle has run the gamut of every bad decision that a young mother can go through. The only thing we can say about the young reality star is that she is fearless about going there. Even when it comes to her Instagram photos. Jenelle has no problem showing off her toned body in front of the camera, and if any folks take a swipe down her photo history, they would see just how racy it gets! 

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No matter how appropriate or inappropriate they might be, no one can deny this: Jenelle has always looked good. 

  • Jenelle Showing Off Her Bikini Bod


    Okay, we definitely have to give her props for this one, because her bod looks awesome and her bikini is too cute, but from the angle of this photo, it seems pretty clear she's showing off the goods. Avert your eyes, kids! 

  • She Took Her Bikini Pics to the Big Leagues


    Stay tuned, bigger and better things coming very soon! 💪🏼👑🔥

    A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

    For a while, Jenelle got into the habit of sharing professionally photographed bikini pics on Instagram. She never quite shared with us why, but she looks so awesome in them that if it were us, we'd post those too!

  • This Sexy Dress Shot


    A little more than a year ago, Jenelle chose this sparkly dress to celebrate her birthday in, and we can see why! It's super low cut, but it looks great on her -- and it makes the girls look awesome, too, if you know what we're saying.

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  • This Sultry Beach Shot


    Jenelle spends a lot of time at the beach -- duh, she lives super close -- that bikini photos barely phase us anymore. But this one? Yeah, from that angle, it looks a little graphic, since her boobs are obviously the main focus. But she talked about getting them enhanced for so long on Teen Mom 2 that we're not surprised she's showing them off! 

  • When She Showed Off Her Skimpy New Suit


    This bikini is barely there, and Jenelle's face didn't even make the shot! There's little left to the imagination here, especially with a bottom that revealing. Fortunately, she pulls it off really well.

  • This View of Her Bare Belly


    In this particular bikini pic, Jenelle chose to show off her tummy and tattoos. But we will say this -- we've never gotten a look at her belly ring from quite this close before! 

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  • And When She Showed Off Her Bikini Booty


    How many angles are possible to selfie from at the beach? Don't worry -- Jenelle shows off all of them.This time, she gave her followers a glance at her back and booty while she was sunbathing, and by the sounds of her Instagram comments, plenty of people appreciated it. 

  • When She Shared a Naked Selfie


    It's easy to see that Jenelle's totally nude in this selfie ... even if she did manage to keep it pretty tame. Oh, and by the way, her hair looks amazing. In her caption, she said she woke up like that -- jealous! 

  • And Then, There's This Naked Selfie


    Ah, yes, remember the good old days when Jenelle and Nathan Griffith were still together? Her photos were a bit more scandalous back then, including this one, where they both appear to be nude. Blast from the past!

  • When She Showed Off Her Back Tattoos


    Jenelle went topless to show off her back tattoos, and at the time, she was upset she had so much blank space back there -- according to her caption, anyway. Maybe she'll add to it in the future?

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  • When She Showed Off Her Sparkly Bikini Top


    Her top is really cute, but immediately, it seems like what she's really trying to show her followers are her boobs. Just our take on the situation! This is one of her earliest Instagram bikini shots ever, and it's crazy to think how much she's changed since then!

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