Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Reacts to His Identity Becoming Public

kailyn lowry baby bump

This week, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry dropped a major bomb about her pregnancy when she finally made her baby's father's identity public. And not surprisingly, Chris Lopez is reacting to Kail spilling the beans, and it doesn't seem like he's all that pleased about it. 


The news came out on Tuesday, when Kail tweeted that yes, Chris is the father -- just like so many fans have guessed after seeing their interactions on Twitter. Not long afterward, Chris seemed to share his feelings ... with a couple of choice emojis and a GIF of a dude shutting his computer off, looking frustrated. 

Now we have even more questions than we did before Kail's baby daddy was confirmed! Did she not check with him before she revealed who he is? Did he not want his identity made public? What's going on?! 

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It'll definitely be interesting to see what Chris's tweets look like over the next few days, especially since it seems like he's going to be getting a bit more attention than he's used to. And since we've been wondering if he's planning to appear on Teen Mom 2, this response seems like a solid no. 

Anything is possible, though, and now that the word is out, maybe Kail will fill us in on the rest of the details we're missing. Hopefully she and Chris will figure out an arrangement to handle things going forward. Sounds like he's in for quite a ride.

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