Jeremy Calvert Claims Brooke Wehr Tried to Keep Him From His Daughter

Jeremy Calvert and Adalynn

Now that we know Teen Mom 2's Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are officially over, we can't help but wonder why they split up. And as it turns out, it could have something to do with the daughter Jeremy shares with his ex Leah Messer. Apparently Brooke tried to keep Jeremy from seeing Adalynn, and if that's true, we're not surprised at all that their relationship didn't last. 


Earlier this week, Jeremy posted a photo on Instagram of Addie that explained everything -- but then he deleted it. In Jeremy's words, even receiving a picture of Addie from Leah was unacceptable to Brooke. What?! 

According to The Hollywood Gossip, here's what his post said: 

When [your] ex-wife send you pics of [your] child ... nowadays that's not allowed if [you're] dating someone. I feel horrible. I should have pulled my head out of my ass and stood up for myself and my child. But [thank] God I did it before it was [too] late to do so. Addie will always come before any woman I settle down with from now on. She will be there for me when others won't be. 

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Yikes. If that's true, it's really heartbreaking that Jeremy had to go through that, especially knowing how much Addie absolutely adores him. We're glad that, in the end, he didn't let Brooke come between them. Hopefully, anyone he's with in the future will understand his relationship with his little girl ... and how necessary it is for him to be able to communicate with her mom. 

Watch out, Jeremy's future girlfriends: The most important woman in his life won't be replaced!  

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