Tyler Baltierra Isn't Holding Back About His Desire to Expand His Family

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It's hard to believe that Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra's daughter Nova has already turned 2. But could she become a big sister soon? As he said on Monday night's Teen Mom OG, Tyler wants to have another baby -- especially if it's a boy -- but Catelynn is not quite there yet. 


When Tyler's mom came over to help with the Nova's birthday party prep, she started grilling the couple on their plans for babymaking in the future. Tyler didn't hide the fact that he's hoping to procreate again really soon, but Cate -- who in the past has been all for having more babies -- was on the fence. 

It's hard to blame her, though. With everything she went through with postpartum depression after Nova's birth, it doesn't sound appealing to have to suffer through it again -- especially after how far she's come.

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One of the reasons Tyler wants more babies ASAP is because his fingers are crossed for a son. But it doesn't always work that way. And like his mom pointed out, what's his game plan there? To keep having kids until one happens to be a boy? 

And if you're hoping Nova gets a sibling in the near future, don't worry -- even though they're fuzzy on the timeline, it does sound like more babies are in their plans, even if they decide to wait a while.

All we want for this adorable fam is happiness. We're hoping they find a way to accomplish their dreams for their family.

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