15 Times Farrah Abraham Managed to Blow Our Minds

CafeMom Contributors | May 5, 2017 TV
15 Times Farrah Abraham Managed to Blow Our Minds
Image: Splash News / Michele Eve

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Splash News / Michele Eve

One thing we love about our girl Farrah Abraham is that she always keeps us on our toes. The Teen Mom OG star is constantly surprising us -- in both good and maybe not-quite-so-good ways. But we root for her every time. And just when you think you've seen it all -- Farrah manages to still take us by surprise, even to this day.

From diving back into the world of adult film, to running four businesses all on her own, and even to starting her own lingerie line (a nice addition to her adult toy line, if we might add), Farrah definitely isn't afraid to be her own person.

(And that's putting it very lightly.)

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she's pretty business savvy when it comes to knowing what will make her succesful, so we really can't fault her for working the angles she knows will bring in the cash. Read on for 15 ways Farrah managed to blow our minds, even after all the years we've watched her shock and amaze on both TV and IRL.

  • When Farrah Had a 'Family Boot Camp' Confession


    Now, we love our girl Farrah, and we know she has a lot of family issues that still need to be worked on. But even after watching Farrah fight with her parents for years on TV, we still were shocked when Farrah said on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, "I've seen my mom do very hurtful things, and I've gone to the point where I was like, then f*cking die already ..." We're sure she doesn't really mean it, but it still took us by surprise.

  • When Farrah Had Surprising Words About Debra's Engagement


    Farrah's relationship with her mom Debra hasn't been the smoothest, as we've seen from their years on the Teen Mom franchise. But when Debra got engaged in 2016, Farrah had a response about it to Us Weekly that rather surprised us: "[I'm] happy for my mom to be engaged and find a lifelong partner who is a positive influence for our family." Somehow we were expecting a different reaction, especially after we all witnessed the tense first meeting between Deb's man and Farrah on Teen Mom OG.

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  • When Farrah Randomly Used Easter to Insult Her Costars


    On Easter 2017, Farrah reportedly tweeted out a message that went from holiday-themed to costar-bashing. Us Weekly reported that in the now-deleted tweet, Farrah apparently posted a pic of Sophia's holiday haul -- only to then caption it with: "It's Hilarity how I single handily made more views and ratings then all three stooges on @TeenMom @MTV & make more ratings then 1offs!"

    Wait ... what?!

  • When Farrah's Business Savvy Shined Through


    Farrah opened up to CafeMom about being an entrepreneur and taking on different challenges. For those who only know Farrah from the blaring headlines, this might come as a surprise -- but this gal works hard as hell. She has a frozen yogurt shop called Froco, a furniture store called Furnished by Farrah, and as she was getting ready to launch her children's boutique Sophia Laurent, she told us:

    That's just what I've been eating and breathing daily, it seems like ... I'm just designing, planning, ordering -- you name it, I do it. So that's just been a lot of work, but I'm excited I get to wake up early and stay up until 2 in the morning doing stuff that I love.

  • When Farrah Revealed Her Positivity


    Take one look at the comments on Farrah's Instagram and you'll see a flood of negatively and vileness. But guess what? Farrah has a surprisingly positive attitude about it, even after all these years of taking that online abuse. She told CafeMom:

    It's really crazy that there's so much mom shaming, especially sometimes to people who work their asses off and are really, truly, amazing role models for their kids. I deal with it all the time, but I have to say, who are they to really judge? They aren't credible sources to even give their input or their opinion.

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  • When Farrah Shared Wise Words for her Daughter


    When CafeMom asked Farrah about advice she'd give to other moms on their worst days, one of the things she said really made us pause and realize how wise this gal really is:

    It's time to become strong. It's time to change your life and remove the negative things and not pay attention to them -- even if they're in the next room or sitting right beside you. There's really just a limit that you have to train your brain to get to, and then you can do so much more in life ....

    Even with Sophia, I catch her being a little downer, whether it's because of the rain, or clouds, or she doesn't want to get up and go to school. I just tell her, you know what? Let's just attack the day in a happy way. The negativity creeps in your head, and then you're not productive and you don't get as much done.

  • When Farrah Went After Tyler


    We were totally taken aback when, seemingly out of nowhere, Farrah went after Teen Mom OG costar Tyler Baltierra while talking to In Touch. When the magazine asked her to comment on infidelity rumors between Catelynn and Tyler, Farrah said of Tyler's alleged cheating: "Yeah, probably with a gay guy! Okay, that's my thought. You need a minute to digest that." Farrah, where did that even come from?!

  • When Farrah Wouldn't Apologize


    We know Farrah likes to shock people, but we were still pretty surprised when she wouldn't take back the pretty harsh words she had on an episode of Teen Mom OG in which she said about her daughter (who was not in the same room at the time): "Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It's not my issue right now." When Radar Online asked her about it later, she said, "I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid. I keep it real. I'm not allowing my daughter to be spoiled or not responsible for her actions."

    To be fair, Farrah was probably just angry in the moment when she made the original comment, but we would've thought she'd at least express some regret about saying it on camera.

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  • When Farrah Tried to Sell Her DNA


    Now, we love Farrah, and we know she's taken on all kinds of wacky adventures and opportunities, but this one took us all by surprise: In 2015, Farrah said she was selling her DNA on a site that featured other celeb DNA, and that a portion of the proceeds would go to a charity that helps to rescue children who have been kidnapped and sold into slavery.

    We're all about the charity, but ... really? Selling your DNA? Hmm.

  • When Farrah's Pic & Caption About Sophia Were Questionable


    When Farrah posted a pic of Sophia sliding down a pole on a playground, it was her caption that threw everyone off: "So this is why the playground is popular - oh boy." Hmmm. Not the best joke, girl!

  • When Farrah Was Seen With Simon After Declaring Herself Single


    Farrah told us in April 2017 that she was single. She said: "Farrah is single! If you want his number, you should reach out. I loved being single before I met [Simon], and I'm loving it even now." But then, shortly after, she surprised us all by posting this pic with Simon looking all loved up. What is the truth, Farrah?!

  • When Farrah Promoted Deb's Rap Video


    Remember when Farrah's mom Debra put out a rap video of sorts? Yeah, we were surprised by it -- but we were even more surprised that Farrah promoted it on social media. Along with the pic seen here, Farrah wrote: "Get ready for a new episode of #TM2Live tonight at 10/9c! @mtv We're teasing a clip from my mom Debra's new rap music video! ... #DebzOG special airing this Wednesday."

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  • When Farrah Got Political


    That's right -- it might surprise you, but Farrah can get political. Farrah posted a bunch of pics from a rally for Senate Bill 276. She captioned the pic seen here: "Every child should have the best! #schoolchoice #Yes276 #sophiayes276 #Austin #Texas #rally"

  • When Farrah Showed She Can Make Fun of Herself


    For those who only know Farrah from the tabloid headlines, it might be surprising to learn that our girl Farrah has a sense of humor -- and she often pokes fun of herself on social media. She captioned the pic seen here: "Let's ponder #engagementring." For those who need a refresher: Remember when Farrah bought her own engagement ring for Simon to give her?

  • When Farrah Revealed Her Soft Side


    We've seen Farrah go through her ups and downs with her fam, but after everything they've been through, they're still a fam and they love each other -- as Farrah displayed in this sweet Instagram post, where she posted this pic with the caption: "#happysunday #labordayweekend is the best!!! I [heart emoji] my Family #teenmomog."

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