15 Times Farrah Abraham Managed to Blow Our Minds

Farrah Abraham Dr Miami
Splash News / Michele Eve

One thing we love about our girl Farrah Abraham is that she always keeps us on our toes. The Teen Mom OG star is constantly surprising us -- in both good and maybe not-quite-so-good ways. But we root for her every time. And just when you think you've seen it all -- Farrah manages to still take us by surprise, even to this day.


From diving back into the world of adult film, to running four businesses all on her own, and even to starting her own lingerie line (a nice addition to her adult toy line, if we might add), Farrah definitely isn't afraid to be her own person.

(And that's putting it very lightly.)

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she's pretty business savvy when it comes to knowing what will make her succesful, so we really can't fault her for working the angles she knows will bring in the cash. Read on for 15 ways Farrah managed to blow our minds, even after all the years we've watched her shock and amaze on both TV and IRL.

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