Maci Bookout Deals With Even More Drama From Ryan on 'Teen Mom OG'

maci and bentley

Here in current time, we're gearing up for summer and lots of cookouts and pool time. But when this week's Teen Mom OG was filmed, Thanksgiving was right around the corner -- and boy did it bring the drama for a certain mom and her kiddo. 


The Thanksgiving mess was -- predictably -- about where Bentley would spend the holiday, and Ryan took it really personally when he decided he'd rather go to Texas with Maci instead.

It was surprising to see such a blowout, since Ryan and Maci usually have such a peaceful co-parenting arrangement -- with the help of Ryan's parents, anyway. And the way Ryan handled it was just about exactly the way Bentley seemed worried he would. It's not anyone's fault, it's just Maci letting Bentley do what he's comfortable with. Everybody chill! 

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And in Amber's world, the co-parenting was actually going right for once. Leah's surprise party went off without a hitch, even though the real surprise was seeing Amber play nice with Gary and Kristina. And even though Gary was worried about Matt's son Chris being around the kids -- thanks to his drug addiction in the past -- everything turned out perfectly.

Gary deciding Amber was on the road to gaining his trust? That's something we never thought we'd hear! 

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Speaking of birthdays -- Nova celebrated her second with a big party surrounded by family and friends, and she received tons of presents... the T-shirt that said #FreeButch with her grandpa's face on it being the best one, obviously. But even though Catelynn and Tyler were busy with her birthday, their main issue? The topic of having another kid. 

It's easy to understand why Tyler is so pumped about having a baby, especially since he seems to be dying for a son, but on the other hand, who could blame Cate for not wanting to risk PPD again? They left things very open-ended, but it does sound like these two are destined to have another baby -- just maybe not in the immediate future. 

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Farrah is planning on making a big change in her future too, but it's coming up super fast. She'd decided on moving to San Diego for sure, with her allergies and her cranky neighbors being the final straw. Of course, then there was the ordeal of telling her parents, and she just couldn't bring herself to break the news to Debra because she was worried about the drama. Her family's issues still tear her apart just as much as ever. 

Oh, and Starburst is the cutest mini-horse ever, case closed.

Hopefully Maci and Ryan are able to work out their problems before the next holiday rolls around, but it sounds like the drama is just starting. Fingers crossed we find out more next week.

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