Leah Messer Caught Getting Cozy With Her Ex

leah messer jeremy calvert

They may be divorced, but Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have always managed to get along for the sake of their daughter, Addie. However, could there be more than just an amicable relationship between them? Over the weekend, Leah and Jeremy were spotted out together, and now it seems like a romantic reunion isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. 


On Friday night, Leah celebrated her birthday with friends out at a club, and by the looks of her Instagram, it seems Jeremy was in attendance. She posted a pic with her baby daddy -- both of them grinning from ear to ear -- and immediately set off a storm of rumors that they could be getting back together.

leah messer and jeremy calvert

No word on whether this was a coincidental run-in or if Jeremy was actually an invited guest to Leah's get together, but either way, they look pretty happy to see each other. 

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But if they are dating again, you're not going to hear it from Jeremy. Hours later, he posted a meme about getting along with your ex for the good of your child, and then, on Sunday, he also shared a pic of Addie with a caption that seems to put all rumors to rest.


Yep, Jeremy wants everyone to know that he and Leah are just close enough for them to communicate about their daughter whenever it's necessary, and he seemed to be insinuating that his ex, Brooke Wehr, tried to prevent that from happening. He wrote: 

When ur ex wife sends u pics of ur child ... now days thats not allowed if ur dating someone. haha unreal people need to grow up. i feel horrible i should have pulled my head out of my ass and stood up for my self and my child.

Sounds like Jeremy and Leah aren't happening right now, but that doesn't mean that won't change in the future. But for now? It's awesome to see that they can at least be friends. That has to be great for Addie. 

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