Chelsea DeBoer Shares Video of Baby Watson 'Talking' -- Hang on to Your Ovaries

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It's official: Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer has the cutest baby on social media. Possibly in the world. On Monday, Chelsea shared a new video of baby Watson on Instagram, and you guys? His little voice is the most precious thing you'll hear all day. 


In the video, Watson is propped up on a Boppy-type pillow, looking -- and cooing -- at a fluffy green toy hanging down in front of him. "Telling me how much he loooooves his new toy," Chelsea captioned the video, along with a blue heart emoji. 

Prepare for total warm and fuzzy takeover in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

Telling me how much he looooves his new toy �

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Come onnnnn. How sweet is that little high-pitched baby talk?! Can we just get one squeeze of Watson, Chelsea? Please?

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Chelsea sure does make adorable children. Both Watson and little Aubree are too cute for words. And -- obviously -- they're going to grow up to be besties. 

Really dapper besties. 

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