Courtland Rogers Explains What Happened When He 'Hung Out' With Barbara Evans

courtland rogers

Not too long ago, Jenelle Evans's ex Courtland Rogers was spotted with her mom Barbara, but now we know it's not because they've decided to be besties. Courtland finally explained why he was with Barbara, and now everything makes a lot more sense.


In an interview with Radar Online, Courtland spilled the details, and the real story is far more boring than anything we could have put together ourselves. As it turns out, they ran into each other while he was picking up his niece at the same school Jace goes to. 

Courtland told the site: 

My niece goes to the same school as Jace and they're in the same class. I was picking her up from school and Barbara had her window down and asked how I was doing. It was a good conversation. God put her there at that specific time. There was no hidden agenda. 

Sounds like the friendly Babs we know and love! 

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And if you were worried seeing Barbara could stir up old feelings and make Courtland want to get in touch with Jenelle again, don't be. Not only did they not discuss her while he and Barbara were catching up, but he says he has no intention of getting into contact with her again. 

He said: 

When we tried it out, we were both high. If I loved her that much on drugs, I could only imagine how it would be if we were sober. I see her living life with David and she looks happy. At the end of the day, that's all I ever wanted for her. 

Phew. That potential for drama is officially closed, and dare we say it seems like everyone involved is happy? Good for you, Courtland. Hopefully he'll stay on the straight and narrow from now on.

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