Adam Lind Reportedly Tested Positive for Drugs

adam lind

Another day, another chance for Adam Lind to be in seriously hot water. Adam reportedly failed a court ordered drug test earlier this month, and it definitely won't mean anything good for his current custody battle. 


According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Adam has been back in court with ex Taylor Halbur, and earlier this month, he apparently tested positive for both meth and amphetamine. Supposedly, sources tell the site that Taylor and Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer have suspected that Adam has been on drugs again lately -- hence the test -- and he has supposedly now failed two tests in a row. 

And not only does this not help Adam's rep with Teen Mom 2 fans (or his baby mamas), but it could also mean bad things for his visitation with Paislee, the daughter he shares with Taylor. Allegedly, he's now unable to have unsupervised visits with her because of his failed test. Yikes! 

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Don't get us wrong, we weren't expecting Adam to win any Father of the Year Awards anytime soon, but we're bummed to hear that his life could be going in this direction. His daughters clearly love him (especially from what we've seen from Aubree) and we don't want them to be heartbroken! 

Here's hoping Adam decides to clean up his act -- if not for himself, for his girls. It's what they deserve from their dad.

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