Kailyn Lowry's Nickname for Her Baby Has Us Scratching Our Heads


So far, Kailyn Lowry's new baby has been kind of like a giant puzzle, with a lot of questions and very few clues to their answers. But we might have one more piece of info that could help us crack this case. Kailyn keeps calling her bun in the oven "Baby Lo," and we have a feeling it could definitely mean something. 


Kail shared a new Insta pic of her bump, and in her caption, she referenced "Baby Lo" again. Hmm... 

Kailyn Lowry baby bump

In the comments, her fans are trying to decode what it could mean, just like we are. At this point, "Lo" could mean anything. Is it her baby-to-be's initials? Maybe the initials of her baby daddy? We need to know! 

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Of course, there's always that chance that "Lo" means "little one," an abbreviation moms often use to describe their babies online. It's totally possible that's what Kail means in this instance, but with a situation like this one with so many holes, we have to examine every piece of evidence.

Fortunately, our wait is almost over. Kail is due this summer, which means the baby's name and sex will be announced just months from now. And as for the baby's dad? We may have to wait a bit longer on that one, as rumor has it Kail might be waiting til the next season of Teen Mom 2 to make the big reveal. Ugh! 

Fingers crossed this soon-to-be mom of three decides to spill some more details soon. We're so tired of living in suspense! 

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