15 Ways Amber Portwood Turned Her Life Around

CafeMom Contributors | Apr 28, 2017 TV
15 Ways Amber Portwood Turned Her Life Around

Amber Portwood and Leah

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been through many ups and downs throughout her life -- and she's come out stronger on the other end, proving herself to be the tough badass mama we all knew she was. Let's take a look at all the many ways in which Amber has overcome her struggles and made it out shining on the other side. She's come a long way, and we've been rooting for her ever since we first met her on 16 and Pregnant. Keep slaying, mama!

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We all know that Amber Portwood's journey on Teen Mom has been a long one. She's had some tumultuous relationships in the past, her mental health has taken a hit, and we can't forget that Amber has spent time in prison. But all of that has seemed to fall by the wayside for this pretty mama. As Amber has miraculously turned her life around for the better. From starting her own business, staying positive, and investing in her family has really done wonders to get Amber through the hard times. And we completely respect her for making these incredible changes in her life. Get it, Amber! 

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Read on to see the many ways that Amber has pushed past her struggles and come out the other side. If she can do it, we all can! 

  • Having Her Say


    After years of having her life edited for TV, Amber is taking control of the narrative. "I'm excited for everyone to hear me in my own words! Hope people love my book and find inspiration and strength through it," Amber wrote on Instagram alongside a pic of her book Never Too Late, in which she chronicles her journey of overcoming the dark times of her life.

  • Getting Down to Business


    In this cute snap -- featuring Teen Mom OG costar Maci Bookout -- Amber advertises a piece off her online boutique, Forever Haute. We've loved watching Amber put her all behind her growing business. "It's going amazing!" she told CafeMom. "I didn't know that I have so many people who love me so much. Everything was selling out. There were 1.5 million people trying to get onto the site at once, it was just a huge boom." So exciting!

  • New Territory


    "I'm so excited to introduce my new #ForeverHaute make-up line!! It's amazing quality and yes I use it myself," Amber wrote alongside this pic. It's always great to see our girl delving into new territory and expanding her business, as she's done by launching her very own makeup line.

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  • Getting Along


    There might've been a time long ago when it would've been hard to picture Amber getting along with any woman Gary got involved with, but look how far everyone's come -- Gary's wife Kristina is clearly someone Amber has a strong relationship with, as indicated by Amber's caption here.

  • Motivating Her Fans


    "Going to work out again! Hard but trying. Keep motivated, loves. We can do this." We love that Amber is all about motivating her fans -- and keeping herself going even when the going gets tough.

    As she told CafeMom: "I want to empower these women to remember to be healthy, but also whatever you look like at the time, to always love yourself. Know that you can do what you want, you've got that strength in you. Women sometimes don't think they have that strength in them when they do. I will push every woman of any age to embrace their body, and if they want to change, to work their ass off and get there. Love yourself and be patient while you do it."

  • Family Matters


    Amber captioned this pic of her daughter Leah: "Awe she is just my little light that keeps me focused ... blessed to be her mommy." By keeping herself focused on what's important -- namely, her beautiful daughter -- Amber has been walking down the right path.

    When speaking about Leah, she told CafeMom: "I'm going to push her to be a well-rounded person, but also an independent and loving and caring person. With Leah, I see that she has the good in me, and I see the drive in her."

  • A Happy Home


    In creating a stable home for herself and her family, Amber has focused on wise and motivating quotes to help keep her going. We're digging this wall for sure.

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  • Staying Positive


    "My beautiful runway models for the #ForeverHaute fashion show in the works now!! From petite to plus sizes. They're all gorgeous!" Amber wrote here. Our girl is all about embracing others putting out more positivity in the world -- including body positivity.

    As Amber told CafeMom: "I believe in feeling sexy and looking any way you want, even if you're bigger. My sizes go from size small, all the way to 4x. I remember being bigger and never having anything cute to wear."

  • Finding Love


    A lot has been said about Matt Baier, and while no one knows the truth for sure, we'll just say we're glad that Amber seems to be happy and enjoying what appears to be a stable relationship.

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  • Leah's Love


    Little Leah's note about her mom is beyond sweet. Amber is a great mom who has been through so much and clearly loves her little girl beyond words -- and her daughter loves her back with just as much fierceness. (Also, shout-out to Leah's cool taste in rock music!)

    Amber once told CafeMom of Leah: "She's so smart it's just ridiculous. I love it and I'm so proud of her. She's such a well-rounded little girl. I really got lucky with her, I did."  

  • Reviving Old Hobbies


    "I'm ready to start kickboxing again! One of my favorite hobbies I've ever learned and a great workout!! Ready!" Amber wrote here. She's made a point of working on her physical and emotional health over the years, and we salute her -- and we think it's great she's rediscovering things from her past that made her happy.

  • The Fam


    Ever since we met her on 16 and Pregnant, Amber has always raved about her brother and how close they are. It's awesome to see her spending time with the people she loves most in life.

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  • Teaching Leah


    As she teachers her daughter to be strong in life, Amber also passes on other skills -- including sewing -- as demonstrated in this adorable pic. We love seeing these two interact, whatever it is they do.

  • Looking to the Future


    Amber wrote alongside this pic: "New Year's resolution: to make this year better than the last. To take the high road always. And to add more commas while staying humble." We love that Amber has maintained an outlook of always looking ahead and keeping her head on straight.

  • Her Daughter's Protector


    No matter what life throws her way, Amber will always, always be there for her little girl -- and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this mom-daughter pair.

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