Farrah Abraham Is Already Being Ripped Apart by a 'Family Boot Camp' Costar

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By now, Farrah Abraham has made it perfectly clear that she's not here to make friends, and her latest feud proves it. Now that her season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition is about to kick off, Farrah is reportedly feuding with costar Kendra Wilkinson, and it sounds like it has the potential to get volatile. 


Obviously Farrah went on the show to work on her relationship with her parents, Debra and Michael, while Kendra was there to work on things with her mom, Patti. And in a new interview with People about her time on the show, Kendra opened up about her thoughts on Farrah's fam, and she definitely didn't have anything positive to say. 

Kendra told the mag: 

I respect everybody and their situation and their problems ... Their whole little thing, I wanted to not be in the same room with them. I didn't trust it. I like real and raw. They were cool, I just wanted to stay away. 

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Hmm. Kendra also added that she went in without knowing anything about Farrah or her situation since she doesn't watch Teen Mom OG, so she also didn't have the background on her relationship with Debra and Michael. That certainly could have an impact on her opinion.

Plus, it does sound a little bit like she's insinuating Farrah and her fam are playing up their fight for the cameras, which is a pretty strong accusation -- but one that we could see happening.

It's just a matter of time before Farrah fires back. Although Kendra kept her criticism more on the neutral side, if we know our girl, Farrah's definitely going to have something to say.

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