Tyler Baltierra's Dad Finally Gets Out of Jail but It's Bittersweet

Tyler and Butch Baltierra

Now that the original ladies of Teen Mom are back, they're getting better at co-parenting with their exes -- and more than one of their kiddos celebrated getting older. On this week's episode, Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber were busier than ever, and fortunately, their lives seem to be more drama-free than ever ... except when it comes to Tyler's family.


Now that Catelynn and Tyler had settled into their new home, their next big life event had arrived: the day Tyler's dad, Butch, finally got released from jail. Tyler picked him and brought him home (where Nova was adorably thrilled to see him), and after Butch talked to Cate for a while, it was pretty obvious what happened. He ended up on a slippery slope, thinking he could still do cocaine without getting into trouble, but in the end, his addiction got the best of him.

Poor Tyler was heartbroken, and we can't blame him -- how many times has he seen his dad go down this road? But hopefully, Butch's fresh start will be just what he needs to get back on the right track, and he planned to stay in Cate and Ty's old house, fixing it up as his rent. 

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Over in Farrah land, all kinds of things were happening in her life as she prepared to open her Furnished by Farrah store. Simon was back in town helping train her employees, and during a dinner with Farrah, he just so happened to mention that now that they'd be spending more time together, he really hoped they could become more than friends again. Wait a minute, is this Simon actually being sweet?! 

Cue Farrah bringing up that old engagement ring she bought for him to give to her and ruining the moment in the process. Oh, Farrah ... 

And in order to adjust to her new demands as a business owner, she decided to hire a nanny name Fran. Farrah adored her, but Sophia was lukewarm, asking Farrah when Fran would leave because she didn't want any more "old nannies." Ouch, Sophia! But even that remark didn't stop Farrah from giving Sophia her pony, Stardust, for her birthday, after they went to the farm to pick it out together. 

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And if you've been worried about Amber and Gary, the light at the end of the co-parenting tunnel is here! Despite their fight over letting Leah stay over with Amber on a school night, Ambs extended an invite to Gary and Kristina to join her, Leah, and Matt on a haunted hayride. The night went off without a hitch, and their segment ended with Gary and Amber actually laughing together. Who are these people?! 

P.S. Gary also revealed that he now owns the three houses that surround his ... and joked about renting one of them to Amber. Could you imagine that nightmare? 

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And finally, our birthday boy, Bentley. Maci planned a birthday party for him that included brownies, football, and lots of gifts -- and plenty of members from both halves of his family. Ryan, Mackenzie, and his parents were all in attendance, and miraculously, Ryan wasn't even late like he was for trick-or-treating in last Monday's ep.  

Maci also explained how much she loves Mackenzie and hopes she'll stick around, and we have to agree with her. She seems to have been really good with Ryan lately, and Bentley adores her. We can't wait to see him pop the question later this season! 

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