Farrah Abraham Takes Her Anger for Her Mom to a Whole New Extreme

Farrah Abraham with mom Debra and daughter Sophia

Will Farrah Abraham's feud with her mom ever end? The new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition is almost here, and it's giving them another shot at working their relationship out on camera. But in a new promo for the show, Farrah says she wants her mom to die, and we're pretty shocked! 


The promo offers up a solid 11 minutes of footage from the new season, which features reality stars trying to mend their broken family relationships. But as you can probably expect, Farrah and Debra are front and center, and some of the things we hear Farrah say make us think their bond may never be repaired. 

Can you believe she actually said, "I've seen my mom do very hurtful things, and I've gone to the point where I was like, then f*cking die already ..."?


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In the intro for Farrah's fam -- which is included in the promo -- Debra even mentions how hurt she was that Farrah said she wished she was dead. And yep, Michael's there, too, and if you think their relationship was volatile on Teen Mom OG, this is worse.

Even so, Farrah makes it pretty damn clear that this is her final effort in trying to make things work with her parents, because she wants Sophia to have a healthy upbringing. Props to her for that! 

It'll definitely be interesting to see where this season takes them, and if it helps their family's relationships move in a more positive direction. There could still be hope for them yet.

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