Amber Portwood Responds to Rumors She Attacked Matt Baier

Amber Portwood

Will the drama never end for this poor woman? Amber Portwood is breaking her silence about those domestic abuse allegations, and we feel awful that she even felt the need to do so.


Several days ago, images surfaced of her fiancé Matt Baier's bloodied face, along with the accusation that she had caused the violent injuries. Matt responded, telling People that the rumor was "both vicious and completely false."

He said that the injuries were the result of roughhousing with friends, and even said they were well deserved. He added, "Amber would never lay a hand on me, and I can't wait to marry the love of my life in October."

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Amber released her own statement to E! News to reiterate that she did not physically attack her soon-to-be husband, and even talked about how hard she's worked over the past several years to become the woman she is today. "Five years ago I made the decision to choose prison over rehab in order to fully turn my life around," Leah's mom explained. "Since then I've worked hard to make serious changes for myself, for my daughter, and for all the fans who supported me."

She continued, "I'm saddened by the latest rumors, which are both untrue and unfounded, but plan to continue to stay focused on my recovery and being the best person I can be for everyone in my life."

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Ambs also said that she's not going to let this latest gossip get her down. She concluded, "In spite of everything I am truly blessed and will keep going on the positive path I set forth on."

Good for Amber, nipping this in the bud and taking the opportunity to remind everyone about her badass self. She has overcome so much in her life already, and she's only 26 years old. It's sad and pathetic that people want to immediately jump to negative conclusions about her without taking into account the person she is now. 

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