Paternity of Jenelle Evans's Baby Ensley Being Questioned by Some Fans

David Eason with Ensley and Kaiser

She's definitely dated some duds in the past, but so far, everything with Jenelle Evans and David Eason seems to be going really well -- unless they're actually hiding a secret. Apparently some fans think Ensley isn't really David's, which would be so crazy.


According to The Dirty, her followers have been commenting on Instagram photos of Ensley, pointing out that Jenelle's newest addition doesn't look like David. They claim that she's so tan, she must be mixed, and they even insinuate that she could actually belong to Kieffer Delp, Jenelle's ex. 

But as wild as that would be, it seems like it's not true. Because when Jenelle spoke to the site, she denied everything. 

"That's ridiculous," she told The Dirty. "The filter made her look dark." 

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As much as we love a good rumor, we have to side with Jenelle on this one. That theory, while interesting, definitely seems a little out there. From seeing Jenelle and David talk about finding out they were pregnant on Teen Mom 2 last season, it didn't appear that there was any question about the paternity at all. 

Anything is possible in the Teen Mom universe, but we're glad we can put this rumor to bed for now. We're sure Ensley will look more like her dad when she gets older, and we're loving seeing her grow up on Jenelle's social media. 

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