Matt Baier Accused of Fathering a Child While Dating Amber Portwood

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Oh geez. Just when we thought this issue was finally (or at least mostly) settled, yet another woman has accused Matt Baier of fathering her child -- but this time the circumstances are worse than ever. According to the baby mama in question, she conceived the child in question after Matt and Amber Portwood had already gotten together.


The Teen Mom OG stars have been together for a few years now, and are planning on tying the knot this upcoming October. But all that might be put aside if this latest round of gossip is true. 

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Amber may have forgiven Matt for his multiple children with multiple women in his past, but can she get over one that supposedly came to be after he said he was loyal to her? Another woman has come forward to claim that Baier is the father of her 2-year-old.

Someone on Twitter calling herself Jade has claimed that she has a birth certificate for her toddler signed by Baier as the father, in addition to having a DNA test. She later deleted the tweet, but claimed that she had the conclusive proof of paternity.

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Of course, no birth certificate or DNA test results have turned up, so we're having a hard time believing this one is for real. It's most likely someone stirring up crap again for attention. Even if it is real, it's likely that the alleged hookup happened before Matt got together with Amber in late 2014. It does take an entire nine months to cook a baby, after all.

We kind of think that this chick isn't going to pursue it because she knows she doesn't have a case. Why else would she delete the tweet?

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