Video of Jenelle Evans 'Giving Birth' Is as Awkward as It Sounds

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is known for shilling her favorite products on Instagram, but this one is a doozy. The commercial Jenelle filmed for Laboraide last year is finally here, and seeing her pretend to give birth to Ensley is pretty awkward. 


The commercial shows the Teen Mom 2 star being wheeled into the hospital, seemingly in labor, and then giving birth to a baby who was supposed to be Ensley but wasn't, since she wasn't born anytime near when they filmed. 

The good news? The commercial actually explains what this Laboraide thing is, after months of fans' wondering every time she posted on social media about it. Apparently it's a device that you put in your mouth when you're about to start pushing, and it helps prevent complications during childbirth. 

According to the Laboraide site, the device helps laboring mothers reduce the stress on their jaw, shoulders, and back, which can sometimes lead to a C-section or surgical intervention becoming necessary. Plus, it's supposed to help keep oxygen flowing and increases the chances of a safe, healthy delivery. 

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If the device's claims are true, it's a pretty cool product. But we still feel kind of weird seeing the shots they chose to use of Jenelle and David -- especially the one where they look creepily up at the camera. Otherwise, we love that Jenelle is sharing the word about something that could really make bringing a baby into the world easier for women.

And if only all labor was as serene as this one seemed to be. We want to know how it works from a real childbirth, not a staged one. If it will make you as calm as Jenelle seemed to be in her commercial, sign us up.

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