Matt Baier Addresses Those Domestic Abuse Allegations

Matt Baier and Amber Portwood

Oh man, we feel for this Teen Mom OG couple. After rumors surfaced this week that Amber Portwood physically abused Matt Baier, her fiancé has officially spoken out in her defense. And he does not seem happy that anyone would think something so awful about Ambs.


Someone posted graphic photos of Baier online, showcasing his black eye, and added a caption about him and Portwood fighting a lot. The insinuation was that Amber had caused the injury. 

Matt released a statement to People about the photo, and clarified that Amber had absolutely nothing to do with it. "The rumor that's circulating is both vicious and completely false," he explained.

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"I can't stand by and allow the media or anyone else to undermine the progress that Amber has made in turning her life around, or the relationship we've worked hard to build together," he continued. "The photo that surfaced is nothing more than the result of some roughhousing amongst my guy friends. I got my butt kicked by a friend, and it was well-deserved, I might add. Now someone's trying to use the pic to paint an untrue picture of our life together."

He concluded, "Amber would never lay a hand on me, and I can't wait to marry the love of my life in October."

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It seriously sucks that he even needed to say anything. How does Matt having a black eye automatically translate to his fiancé giving it to him? Their relationship has definitely hit its bumps in the road, but these two seem to be happier than ever right now.

We're glad that Matt decided to speak out against the rumor in order to protect Amber. He could've just completely brushed it off and let people believe what they wanted to believe, but he addressed it directly, even admitting that he deserved the butt-kicking from the friend. It doesn't really matter what it was about -- it matters that he cared enough about Amber to combat the rumors.

These two just might make it after all.

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