Kailyn Lowry Hints That Her Baby Daddy Is Totally Out of the Picture

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After a few weeks of rumors that Kailyn Lowry and her baby daddy might be back together, it looks like she's living the single life after all. Or again. It's hard to tell these days. But the Teen Mom 2 star confirmed that she's on her own for this new baby, and as hard as that may sound, she seems ready for it.


When she announced she was expecting a couple of months ago, Kail made it pretty clear that she was still single. According to her rep, the baby was the result of a relationship she had last fall, and they didn't know how involved the dad would be.

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The 25-year-old dropped a major hint on Twitter this week that she's 100 percent on her own though, saying that she is coming up with a baby name all on her own. She retweeted someone who said she was having a hard time agreeing with their hubby about what to name their unborn child, and Kail commiserated that she doesn't even have to agree with anyone and it's still hard for her to pick a name.

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There had been inside reports that said the dad (rumored to be her friend Chris Lopez) was very involved with the pregnancy, but was refusing to be filmed by MTV, though now we're not so sure. Even if they weren't romantically involved anymore, wouldn't she want his input on the baby name?

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Kail also sent out some cryptic tweets last week about not being able to make someone do something, and also about going to an ultrasound solo. If she was back together with the father of her child, it looks like that relationship has gone kaput again. 

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