Jenelle Evans Rips into Farrah Abraham's Mom Debra

Jenelle Evans

Is it just us, or is the drama in the Teen Mom universe extra salty lately?! Just days after Debra Danielsen spoke her mind about the cast, Jenelle Evans is firing back at Farrah Abraham's mom, and it's definitely not pretty. 


Of course, we can't exactly blame her. After all, Debra did insult Barbara and say that Jenelle needs to "reset her priorities in life," which is pretty harsh. So obviously, Jenelle had to come forward to share her feelings, and unsurprisingly, she's not impressed with Deb's criticism. 

On Friday, Jenelle took to Twitter to rip into Debra. Here's what she had to say:

Jenelle Evans Twitter
Jenelle Evans tweet
Jenelle evans debra danielsen


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And if you were wondering: Yes, of course Debra has replied, but it seems like she's not trying to stir the pot even further -- although Jenelle definitely doesn't seem to be ready to play nice.

Debra Danielsen twitter

Good for Jenelle for standing up for herself, since she really does seem to have her life together far better than what we've seen from her in the past. She owns her own home, she's in a stable relationship, and she seems to be taking awesome care of her kiddos. So maybe it's time Debra (and everyone else) cut her some slack? 

Sigh. When will this cycle of feuds ever end?

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