15 Ways Jenelle Evans Showed How Far She's Come

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15 Ways Jenelle Evans Showed How Far She's Come
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SartorialPhoto / Splash News

When we first met Jenelle Evans on 16 and Pregnant, she was a partying high schooler who wasn't ready to face her new reality as a teenage mom. But my, how far she has come...

Read on as we take a look at the different ways Jenelle's life has changed over the years -- all for the better. Go, mama.

  • A Loving Home


    "Cannot wait to start another new chapter with you and our family!" Jenelle captioned this photo of her fiancé David Eason in front of their new "forever home." She added: "After about 8 months of hard work clearing land, getting stung by bees, blistering up our hands, etc ... our #ForeverHome is finally here!!!! Still a lot more work to do on the inside and out but glad we decided to make this big decision and couldn't be any happier!!!"

    Seeing a happy Jenelle in front of her beautiful family home is a vision we've been waiting to see since we first met her as a struggling, partying teen on 16 and Pregnant. Go, girl.

  • Serene Jenelle


    Jenelle used the hashtags #MomLife, #NoMakeup, and #MessyHairDontCare with this sweet, peaceful pic of her cradling her baby daughter Ensley. If this picture doesn't sum up just how far Jenelle has come since her turbulent years, we don't know what does. We love it!

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  • An Open Book


    Jenelle has come such a long way that she's ready to open up about her past -- and all the troubles she's experienced along her journey. She offered some details on Twitter about what fans can expect, and revealed that it was "scary" looking back on everything.

  • Healthy Living


    "Another adventure to add to our scrapbook," Jenelle mentioned in her caption of this photo of her and David after a hike. She also wrote that she "wouldn't take this day back for anything." We love seeing Jenelle maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy the beauty around her.

  • Good Friends


    Along with this baby shower snap, Jenelle wrote, "It's awesome to have such a great group of friends that come from hours away to celebrate my new baby girl's arrival soon! Tonight was great and wouldn't want it any other way." Surrounding yourself with good people is important, and it appears Jenelle is doing just that.

  • Family Time


    Jenelle added the hashtags #ChristmasMovies and #FamilyTime to this cozy pic. The partying teenage Jenelle we knew from 16 and Pregnant has truly come a long way, and we're so pleased to see it.

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  • Jenelle's Mini-Me


    "Far more precious than jewels," proud mom Jenelle wrote with this darling pic. Jenelle is so in love with her baby girl Ensley and has been relishing every moment with her. She constantly shares fun moments with her daughter on social media and appears to be glowing with happiness at this time in her life. And we're basking in the happiness with her.

  • Happy Fam


    With all the chaos of Jenelle's earlier years -- including her clashes with her mom, Barbara -- did you ever imagine seeing Jen with her partner and kids sitting around the table happily while on vacation with Babs? It's so refreshing to see how things have changed.

  • Jenelle's People


    "Find your tribe. Love them hard!" Jenelle wrote with this family pic. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

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  • Beautiful Morning


    With the hashtag #Morning, Jenelle included a sun emoji and an egg-in-a-pan emoji. It's such a serene scene, and it shows how far Jenelle has come from her partying days of staying out late and sleeping in.

  • Little Princess


    "Little princess" is how Jenelle described this calm and sweet pic on Instagram. It further shows what a peaceful, loving home Jenelle has created. 

  • Brightened Days


    "They brighten up my days," Jenelle captioned this pic. She included the hashtag #Family. We're so glad Jenelle has found happiness and serenity in her life.

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  • A Good Influence


    "I can see him growing up to be a great man someday, thanks @easondavid88," Jenelle wrote alongside this sweet snap. A stable home and a good father figure are important, and it appears Jenelle has worked to provide just that.

  • Activities With the Fam


    #EasterVibes is the hashtag Jenelle chose for this pic of Kaiser in front of some Easter eggs. We love getting a glimpse of Jenelle's peaceful and fun home life and family activities.

  • Pure Sweetness


    "I promise forever and always you will have the best protectors on the planet my little angel," Jenelle wrote alongside this sweetest of snaps. What a perfect photo and sentiment. We're so happy for Jenelle and how far she's come with her beautiful family.

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