Baby Ensley Is Jace's Little Twin in Jenelle Evans's Easter Photo

Jenelle Evans's kids

Since welcoming her daughter, Ensley, in January, Jenelle Evans has been sharing so many important moments in her life with us on social media. And in honor of Easter Sunday, Jenelle shared a photo of Ensley all dolled up, and we can't get enough.


First of all, we have to discuss how beautiful this baby is already. That face! That huge smile! And that mint dress her mom picked out! If you ever had any doubt that Jenelle is loving her first baby girl, all you have to do is look at Ensley's adorable wardrobe.

This face is way too precious not to share: 

Jenelle's baby Ensley

And like so many of Jenelle's followers have pointed out, Ensley's resemblance to Jace is insane in this photo. They look so much alike that it's impossible to deny they're siblings.

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And even without Easter, it seems like Jenelle had a really busy weekend with her kiddos. On Saturday, she shared a pic with Jace on vacay in Coral Gables, Florida, and it seems like they're having a blast. We're jealous! 

Jenelle and Jace

We love that Jenelle keeps us updated on Ensley (and her incredible baby fashion). Please never stop! We just can't get enough of seeing how much she's grown from week to week. Pretty soon, she'll be running around with her brothers like a big kid. 

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