Chelsea DeBoer Shares Easter Pics of Her Kids & We're in Love

Aubree and Watson

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's kids are the adorable gift that keeps on giving to the Internet, so long as she continues sharing super cute pictures like these. The Teen Mom 2 star posted some Easter photos of Aubree and baby Watson over the weekend, and we can't stop staring!


Just look at this one that she shared of her 7-year-old and 2-month-old with the Easter Bunny. We love that she and her hubby Cole DeBoer went to a mall somewhere in South Dakota and got this pic snapped with the kids! This is the stuff memories are made of, people.

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Chelsea Houska easter pic with kids

This one too! Seriously, we can't get enough of these little cuties. And Aubree is such a sweet big sister.

Chelsea Houska's kids

Cole got in on the fun of sharing the joy that comes from Easter with kids. Even though he's not Aubree's bio dad, he's melted our hearts again and again by never failing to include her as a precious addition to his life.

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Because he's apparently not perfect enough, he added this caption, "Happy Easter from this amazing household. The Easter bunny showered gifts on these perfect beauties!!"

Aubree and Watson DeBoer

These two are so stinkin' cute, and undoubtedly the loves of Chelsea and Cole's lives. Can't say that we blame them -- we can't get enough of them either.

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