'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Brought Out All the Petty

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion
Annette Brown/Bravo

Another season, another reunion. It's hard to believe I've sat through nine seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but obviously, I can't seem to turn away from this train wreck of a show masked in dusted faces, laid hair, and head-turning outfits. As with any reunion, I expected business as usual (shade; threats; calling people everything but a child of God), but I felt a little surprised with this first of four reunion episodes, as Andy and the ladies touched on some topics worth discussing.


Take away mention of yoni egg classes (my husband walked in on the clip of the women bent over with eggs in their special parts and asked what the hell I was watching), who has fake boobs (spoiler: Kandi joined the club), or which castmate has the better abode (answer: Cynthia's lake house), there was still room at this pageant gown–esque gathering to get to the bottom of some shady behavior ...

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... Like why certain housewives (looking at you, Kenya) feel it's okay to prod and question Porsha's anger management without realizing they instigate and contribute to a situation -- or why certain ladies (looking at you, Kandi) seem to get a pass whenever they're ready to pounce on people.

Sooo, we're just going to act like Kenya doesn't intentionally try to provoke people, and doesn't seem to have an obsession with Porsha ever since she got a physical reaction from her? Watching Porsha get questioned again about her anger management classes on the reunion, and whether or not she's a new person because of them, really irked me; it brought me back to the episode when Kenya aired Porsha's anger management business in front of everyone at dinner -- and even followed her outside and to her car to get a response.

And while we're on the subject of responses and anger issues, Kandi's pop-off reactions -- telling Cynthia's sister "I'll drag you in this b*tch" while being restrained seasons ago, and threatening to "choke the sh*t" out of Porsha this season -- need some addressing, too. So, Kandi can shrug off her behavior with "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing," but we're all still looking at Porsha and her past?

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Out of all the housewives on the show, I feel like Porsha is the only one who's been known to pop off and is actually trying to better herself and remove herself from any potentially toxic situations before they turn into a full-blown fight. And yet, it seems like some housewives are still looking for ways to make digs about Porsha's progress and act like she's the only one who could use some soul-searching and an Iyanla Vanzant moment.

Keep rising above it, Porsha.

Truth be told, I was almost ready to write off Kenya during this reunion until questions started pouring in about why Phaedra has been two-faced to Kenya, especially since they seemingly resolved past grievances and moved on. Phaedra riding around with the top down with Kenya -- like some updated version of Thelma & Louise -- and hanging out during their "truce" must've all been for the cameras, as the "southern belle" had no problem calling Ms. Moore trifling after she tried to throw her and Cynthia a divorce party. (I thought it was meant to be a sweet gesture, but whatever.)

Phaedra has definitely shown her true colors this season, staying hush-hush while Porsha took the fall for rumors that Kandi is gay, digging up seasons-old drama with Kenya she was supposed to be over, and helping one of Kandi's old employees with a lawsuit.

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I think your days of acting like you're Ms. Goodie Two-Shoes are over, Phaedra, which could be why Bravo reportedly fired Ms. Parks from RHOA for "being too manipulative, even for reality TV," BET reports.

For a reunion, I don't think this episode had any "wow" moments (I would, however, like to hear more about the mystery man who reportedly paid for Kenya's house), but it did speak to the importance of celebrating someone's progress and letting go of past BS once and for all. 

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I have a feeling more craziness is in store (there are three more episodes), but we'll have to wait and see.

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