Jenelle Evans's Mom Is Hanging Out With Courtland Rogers -- What the Heck?

Barbara Evans

Well this one took us by surprise. Barbara Evans has been spending time with Courtland Rogers, and we just can't figure out how this happened. In case you need a refresher, Courtland and Jenelle Evans were married for a hot minute several years ago, and he's spent the last year in jail on narcotics charges.


In addition, things have been pretty tough between Jenelle and her mom recently, as they've been waiting for their court date to decide the custody situation over 7-year-old Jace. Jenelle signed over custody to her mom when she was a teenager more concerned with partying and smoking pot than being a mom, but now that she has her life on the right track, she wants her son back -- but Babs doesn't want to give him up after parenting him all these years.

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So what's up with Barbara having lunch with her daughter's ex-husband whom she wants nothing to do with ever again? It almost seems like it couldn't even be a real thing, except that Jenelle confirmed the get-together on Twitter.

When a fan tweeted about the meet-up and said they couldn't believe it was true, the Teen Mom 2 star responded that it did indeed happen.

Jenelle Evans twitter

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Courtland had tweeted (and later deleted) that he had met up with his ex-mother-in-law. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the dad of one wrote, "Got to see and talk with Babs just now ... Absolutely made my day and she has the cutest little dog lol. I actually miss her company (babs)."

So far Barbara hasn't commented on the situation, but dang. How many ways can she find to piss off her daughter?

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