Farrah Abraham's Mom Goes on Epic Rant Against the 'Teen Mom' Stars

Farrah Abraham with her mom and daughter

She has opinions, and she isn't afraid to share them! Debra Danielsen just absolutely roasted some of the Teen Mom stars, and dang, she did not hold back. After watching this, there's no question over where Farrah Abraham got it from -- she got it from her mama.


Farrah's mom reportedly did a Facebook Live video with an unidentified website, and according to the Hollywood Gossip, she basically eviscerated everyone who wasn't her daughter on the show. After calling Farrah "the most gorgeous one" and "most talented" too, Deb got down to business, slamming everyone from Simon Saran to poor Maci Bookout.

But first up was Jenelle Evans, whom Debra advised to "reset her priorities in life." She added a "Just sayin'," as if it legitimized what she had to say about Jenelle, who actually seems to be doing pretty well these days with a new baby, a stable relationship, and even a new house on a good amount of land she purchased for herself.

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Then she called Catelynn Lowell "two-faced," which we're having a hard time buying, considering that Cate is one of the sweetest ladies ever. Cate's been so open and honest about her struggles too, that the two-faced comment makes it seem like Deb is just trying to get attention. 

We do have to agree with her assessment on Farrah's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran. When showed his photo to prompt a reaction, Sophia's grandma said, "Oh dear god." She seemed to confirm their most recent breakup by adding, "This is like RIP."

As for Maci, she said, "I would recommend that if we're gonna get pregnant anymore, we cut back on the beer consumption." As if it's her business at all.

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Surprisingly, she didn't have much to say about Amber Portwood, considering that the near-fistfight between Farrah and Ambs on last season's reunion show was one of the most memorable moments in Teen Mom history. "I'm actually very proud of Amber," Debra confessed. "I think she works really hard. I think she's been through a lot in her life that would cause anybody tremendous pain. But I think she's an overcomer."

Well, at least she was nice about that. We wonder what Farrah thinks of her mom's comments? We're sure we'll find out eventually. Farrah isn't exactly one to keep things to herself.

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