Amber Portwood Dishes on Wedding Plans, Her New Boutique -- & of Course Gary

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In anticipation of the new season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres on MTV on Monday, April 17, CafeMom was thrilled to be able to sit down and chat with Amber Portwood. We were so happy to meet her -- and to hear all about how things are going with getting more custody of Leah, her upcoming wedding plans with Matt, and more!


On her new clothing boutique Be Forever Haute ...

"It's going amazing! I didn't know that I have so many people who love me so much. Everything was selling out. There were 1.5 million people trying to get onto the site at once, it was just a huge boom. We're almost out of the red, which is just the way business goes. You put money in, and eventually you start getting money out. I put thousands and thousands of dollars into it, because all of my clothes are four- to five-star clothes only. It took a lot of money and hours of work, but I really love fashion, and being unique and looking unique. I believe in feeling sexy and looking any way you want, even if you're bigger. My sizes go from size small, all the way to 4x. I remember being bigger and never having anything cute to wear."

On how things are going with Gary and getting more custody of Leah ...

"You know, it's Gary. I think he's just going to keep on with this to make himself look better, and that's okay. I don't feel like I need to prove anything anymore. I guess, I don't know what is going to happen in the future, because he didn't stick to some of the things we agreed upon. But that's life. All I know is to persevere and keep trying to move forward and make things the way they're supposed to be."

On how she empowers her daughter ...

"We have to remember the kind of world we're living in as women, and we have to remember where our kids are going to be in the future. We need to make sure that even as a little girl, she needs to know that she's loved, and she's beautiful, and she can be whatever she wants. I'm going to push her to be a well-rounded person, but also an independent and loving and caring person. With Leah, I see that she has the good in me, and I see the drive in her."

On her wedding plans ...

"We have a venue, and October 13 is the date -- but I cannot find a dress! I'm still working out three times a week, and doing jujitsu three times a week."

On how she feels about body positivity ...

"This has been going on since the beginning of time with women. A lot of us are really insecure, and even those of us who aren't in TV are insecure. I literally got a message the other day on Twitter from a girl who said she was making herself throw up, and I'm trying to help her out. I want to empower these women to remember to be healthy, but also whatever you look like at the time, to always love yourself. Know that you can do what you want, you've got that strength in you. Women sometimes don't think they have that strength in them when they do. I will push every woman of any age to embrace their body, and if they want to change, to work their ass off and get there. Love yourself and be patient while you do it."

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