Maci Bookout Gets Real About the Challenges Moms Face Every Day

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney
We couldn't be more excited about the new season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres on Monday, April 17 -- especially since CafeMom had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the cast last week at the MTV offices in New York City. And of course, talking to Maci Bookout was a special treat, since she also happens to be a new contributor on our site.


From how she juggles her busy life with three kids, to her advice on how to deal with judgment that comes her way from others, Maci had quite a bit to say.

On how things have changed now that she's a mom of three ...

"Everything has changed! We're never bored, that's for sure. It's kind of like a circus. It literally is nonstop, all the time, somebody needs a diaper changed, somebody needs to be fed, somebody needs a nap, somebody needs a new outfit, and Bentley has like 42,000 baseball and basketball games ... we're pretty much just trying to stay alive at this point!"

On how her T-shirt business, TTM Lifestyle, is taking off ...

"It certainly blew up a lot faster than we expected, but it's been a lot of fun, and the first year, we learned so much. We really enjoy it more now, and we finally got a distributor."

On how things are going with Ryan, in terms of co-parenting ...

"Things are definitely better than they have been in the past, but we obviously still have work to do. It's headed in the right direction, which makes things a lot easier."

On how she manages her relationship with Ryan to keep things positive for Bentley ...

"For sure, remembering that it's not really about either parent, it's about the child, and what's best for them, and how your relationship with their mom or dad affects them. Even when you think you're doing a good job of keeping it away from them, they still notice things, even when they're little. They still can pick up on certain body language. They see and hear way more than you think they do, so it's important to keep that in mind. You don't have to agree on everything to at least have respect for each other. I always try to keep my anger from getting in the way of me trying to understand."

On how she deals with mom guilt and mom shaming ...

"Honestly, when it comes to the show, I don't read anything. Anytime I hear or learn about something, it's usually because someone tells me about it. I don't read the comments. But sometimes on Twitter, somebody will watch the show and [doesn't] agree with something I did or said, or how I handled a situation -- it's nice when somebody gives me advice, or is supportive. I try not to give advice or talk about the way someone parents, because I think every kid is different, every parent is different, and every situation is different. If it's not my kid, I'm not going to make a decision for them, and if they're not my kid's parent, they're not going to make a decision for me. People really need to think about how they would feel if somebody were saying things to them. Everybody needs to quit judging each other."

On how she gets through her worst day as a mom ...

"When work is over with, and it's been a stressful day, and I'm tired and the kids are in bad moods, I try to take a deep breath, and think, in 10 years, you're going to wish that they were little and bugging the crap out of you. You've gotta love it even when it's bad."

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