Corinne Olympios May Be on 'Bachelor in Paradise' -- Despite Her Secret Boyfriend

corinne olympios

She may have moved on from Nick Viall with someone new, but that doesn't mean she's limiting her options. Corinne Olympios says she's considering joining Bachelor in Paradise, even though she is currently seeing someone.


The Bachelor alum revealed to E! News that she's been dating someone, but she kept his identity a tightly guarded secret. Calling him "someone special," she shared, "I've been seeing him for a little bit."

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She said that she's known him a "really long time," and explained the secrecy, saying, "I'm not ready to come out to the world about him yet. It's still in the early stages. I don't know what's going to happen but we're vibing really nicely and everything's going well and I just want it to stay that way."

The girl with the platinum vagine gushed about her new man and their special connection. "He has his s--t together. He supports me in everything I do," she said. "We just get along so well. We're also like great friends. It just meshes."

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It sounds like everything is going really well for Corinne, but that doesn't mean that she's ready to fully commit to the new relationship. When asked if she's going to be on the guilty pleasure summer show Bachelor in Paradise, she responded with, "I mean, I'm still not sure yet. Most likely, yes. So not 100 percent locked in yet."

We hope to see her and her nanny Raquel there -- boyfriend back home or not.

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