Kailyn Lowry & Jenelle Evans's Latest Feud Is the Weirdest One Yet

Kailyn Lowry

In the months since Kailyn Lowry announced her unexpected pregnancy, the rumor mill has been working overtime ... and this last one is a doozy. Recently, Jenelle Evans seemed to perpetuate the rumor that Kail is giving away her baby, and the whole thing is so insane it's hard to keep it all straight. 


Basically, it all started when Jenelle posted a suspicious article from her official Facebook page which claimed that Kail's third baby would be placed for adoption -- definitely shocking, since so far, Kail's made it pretty clear that she has no plans to do so. 

As soon as fans saw it, they headed to Twitter to barrage Kail with messages trying to find out what's going on, and by now, Isaac and Lincoln's mom has definitely had enough. She went on a Twitter rant of her own to clear things up, and it wasn't pretty.

Here are her tweets: 


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It's hard to say whether Jenelle was trying to promote the (obviously untrue) news, since it's unclear if she runs her own Facebook page or if someone else makes the posts for her. But if she did, we totally get that Kail would be pissed at her ... and we wouldn't be surprised if it led to serious drama in the future. 

But at least we know it's definitely not true! When Kail's baby arrives this summer, he or she will be in her family for good. We might not know much about her third kiddo, but we do know that. 

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