Ali Fedotowsky Reveals Her Best Easter Tips -- Including Last-Minute Mom Advice

Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky
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Ali Fedotowsky has been one busy lady these days. Between tying the knot to longtime love Kevin Manno recently, being mom to their 9-month-old daughter Molly, and running her lifestyle blog, Ali Luvs, it's safe to say this former Bachelorette has her hands full -- but luckily she still had time to indulge us with a few of her styling secrets for the upcoming holiday.


We caught up with Ali to talk all things motherhood, Easter plans, and how she's making memories with daughter Molly.

How has motherhood inspired your decorating and entertaining prowess?

In a few ways, actually!

I'm not a Pinterest mom in any way but really want to create traditions and memories with my daughter. I love decorating and doing fun little projects around the house and feel I have more of a reason to do so now that I'm a mom. 

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Why is it important for you to decorate for the holidays?

I really love the holidays and love decorating and entertaining whenever I can! I don't really decorate for every holiday, but do feel it helps make it more special. Decorating gives that personal touch that can really make the home come to life. I also enjoy cooking and preparing easy-to-make items that don't take a ton of time to make, but look like they came from a restaurant.

Ali Fedotowsky with daughter Molly Manno
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How do you plan to include Molly in this year's festivities?

Molly is too young to understand what a holiday is, but I want her first Easter to be special -- and start traditions she'll hopefully come to love over time. I plan on taking her to the mall to see the Easter bunny and hope she doesn't scream her head off. (It would still be a cute picture.)

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One tradition I'll plan to start this year is to take a photo of her every Easter and decoupage the photo onto an Easter egg. 

Aww, that's such a cute idea -- and something that could be a cute keepsake, assuming you use a faux Easter egg.

Totally! I really love personal touches and think an Easter tradition like this is simple but heartfelt and memorable. I really hope Molly enjoys the holidays and the traditions we have so she'll want to continue doing them.

Speaking of Easter eggs ... what are some decorating tips and tricks you have for new moms -- especially those of us who are notorious for doing things at the last minute?

Keep it simple! Moms already have their hands full with so many other things. We really don't need to complicate our lives with more mess and more things to clean up.

I love DIY decorating projects that are affordable and don't take that much time to achieve. Again, I'm not a Pinterest mom -- or Martha Stewart -- but find that easy projects really work for me and end up looking like I've spent more time than I did on them.

Ali Fedotowsky
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I LOVE decorating Easter eggs and feel there are so many adorable ways to do so now that don't involve the [old-school] dip-and-dye approach we did growing up.

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Temporary tattoos are a pretty big trend right now where you can apply a tattoo to an Easter egg. It's such a simple and effortless design that can make your eggs really stand out!

I also love decorating brown eggs -- they're my favorite! So many people choose the traditional white eggs and completely miss out on how gorgeous a brown egg looks decorated. All you need are a dozen [brown] eggs and a white marker to make them shine.

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky with daughter Molly and husband Kevin Manno
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Glitter eggs are also great! I remember getting my house so messy trying to roll Easter eggs in glitter on a plate and finally deciding this isn't the best approach and started using a large ziplock bag. This made my life so much easier and less of a mess -- literally!

All of these Easter decorating projects are very simple to do and don't require a lot of time. You could literally run to the store last minute and decorate some eggs in no time!

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Plus, when you're done, you can use your hard-boiled eggs in a recipe!

Ali Fedotowsky
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Good to know! Any entertaining tips you can bless us with?

I love to cook with eggs and use them as a part of Molly's diet [as a source of protein and other nutrients]. One of my favorite foods to make is a crepe. I ate them all the time when I was pregnant with Molly and look forward to making them for Easter.

Deviled eggs
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Deviled and pickled eggs are another Easter option moms can make for the holidays that are simple. Finger foods, in general, are my favorite go-to dishes for gatherings, because they're a little more effortless and can really make a plate or table look great.

I have a couple Easter-inspired recipes on my blog.

All great tips! 

Sooo, now that we've covered Easter and decorating tips ... what are your thoughts on our new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay? Any advice for her?

[OMG] I LOVE Rachel and was hoping she'd become the next Bachelorette! I actually texted her a while ago to give her some unsolicited advice! [Laughs]

I want her to enjoy every moment of her journey. It can get hectic dating the guys on the show -- and dealing with the show's demands, like traveling and dates. I used to feel so exhausted and hope Rachel soaks in every beautiful place she'll see during her time on The Bachelorette. Looking back, I really wish I did, as time goes by too fast.

I want her to stop and live in the moment.

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