MTV Is Reportedly Livid Over Matt Baier's Tell-All Book

Matt Baier and Amber Portwood

Wherever Matt Baier and Amber Portwood go, drama is sure to follow, and now, it could end up following the Teen Mom OG stars right into the courtroom. A new report claims that MTV might be suing Matt over his tell-all, and if it's true, things could definitely get ugly before the book is released -- if it gets released at all. 


According to what sources tell Page Six, MTV is particularly pissed about part of the book where Matt talks about both the network and Amber's feud with Farrah Abraham. Reportedly, lawyers want Matt to cut out 15,000 words -- which supposedly accounts for about 20 percent of his book. 

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As the story goes, MTV apparently first got upset when they saw that chapters of Matt's book had leaked, and they got their lawyers on the case. After reviewing the manuscript, it sounds like they found plenty of things they didn't want published and are now working on getting it stricken from his book.

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So what's so offensive that MTV doesn't want getting out to the general public? Page Six adds that Matt wrote about how an executive producer of the show allegedly told Matt and Amber to research Simon Saran, Farrah's BF, but the juiciest stuff concerns Amber's feud with Farrah at the reunion show last season. Reportedly, Amber had already told the crew she didn't feel safe around her before the fight got physical, and we all know the rest!

In the part of his book about the day of their fight, Matt writes:

Security -- who had followed us around all day long -- suddenly was nowhere to be found. Not to get into any conspiracy theories, but it was almost as if they wanted there to be an altercation.

Yikes! That's a pretty heavy accusation, so we're not surprised MTV is getting their legal team involved. It'll definitely be interesting to find out what happens from here. Will Matt's book still be released, or will this stop the presses? Guess we'll have to stay tuned! 

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