Duggar Fans Freak Out After Jim Bob & Michelle Put Kids in Harm's Way

Duggar family
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

A sunny day seems perfect for a family bike ride -- but only if you've got all the right equipment. Finding themselves in a bit of hot water with fans, the Duggar family shared an photo of the kids enjoying their bicycles. So, what's the trouble? Something's missing. See if you spot the issue. 


It looks as if Michelle and Jim Bob allowed their kids to ride their bikes without helmets, causing many to point out what a safety risk this can be. Here's the photo that has some fans of the 19 Kids & Counting family concerned:

Duggar Family bike riding
Duggar Family Official/Facebook
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Though it's a sweet pic of the siblings enjoying the beautiful day, fans were still upset that the kids aren't wearing the proper safety gear.

"Looks great! Looks like they forgot their helmets though," one wrote. 

While some might argue that the kids are just biking on a dirt path rather than a public roadway, others were quick to point out the danger lurking even away from traffic-filled streets. 

"I can see many rocks on the dirt road which won't be good to land on if someone falls. I don't care if my kids are riding bikes on clouds, they will be wearing helmets," one mom wrote.

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You'd have to imagine the Duggar family has a huge supply of hand-me-down helmets somewhere in the recesses of their enormous house. We'd have to think that finding some wouldn't take too long at all. 

Even if you don't think that biking once without a helmet on soft ground near your home is a problem, it does kind of send the wrong message. With kids, once you let them do something once, they expect to do it every time. So, while they might have been okay on a dirt road, what if one of them wants to go biking in a busier area and decides to ditch the helmet because they weren't required to wear one on this outing? We could see where this sets a bad precedent.

Plus, as we know, so many fans will say they're "inspired" by the Duggars, so you don't want to think that another parent might figure, "Hey, my kid doesn't really need a helmet either," based on this photo. 

In addition to the lack of helmets, others questioned the safety of the girls' attire, with one commenting:  

"I'm more concerned about a long dress hindering their ability to petal, and the material getting stuck or wound up in the chain."

Wow, we would've missed that one. Still, that is a point to consider as well. It seems like the kids had fun and no one got hurt, which is great, but if these comments make Jim Bob and Michelle and the kids think twice about helmets next time, then maybe it's worth taking a little criticism. 

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