Former 'Teen Mom' Star Thinks MTV Almost Ruined Her Life

Alex Sekella

At least one Teen Mom star isn't upset about Briana DeJesus joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 in season 8. Alex Sekella has responded to the reports of her former costar joining the ongoing MTV reality series, and it looks like she couldn't be happier that she wasn't chosen for the gig.


Alex starred on the short-lived Teen Mom 3 along with Briana (and Mackenzie Douthit and Katie Yeager), but has since managed to stay almost completely out of the spotlight. However, after the Briana announcement, she was asked by friends and fans how she felt about it.

She feels fine, apparently. Alex took to Instagram to share her musings about the situation, and she seems perfectly content with her post-MTV life.

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In a lengthy post, Alex said that she was happy to move on when Teen Mom 3 got canceled after only one season. She also seemed pretty sure that her name wasn't even discussed to take the new role, because "they knew that I did not want it."

She continued:

Honestly though that was the best decision I could of made. I've been able to start a normal life and start a REAL career that will last a very long time and benefit my children. I've also been able to find a real relationship that won't be picked and prodded at by the world to see. I have had a pretty drama free life since the end of teen mom 3 and I don't believe that any of that would've happened if I had not removed myself.

While she didn't flat-out say that MTV ruins lives, it's pretty clear that she doesn't think any of the awesome stuff that's come her way would've been possible if she'd stayed in the spotlight on reality TV.

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In the comments, her baby daddy's second baby mama (did you follow that?) showed her support. Alex and Matt McCann split back in the day, and he later married LeKota McCann, and they had a son named Matty. They divorced, and Alex and LeKota became friends, and LeKota showed her solidarity by writing to the former reality star, "Can I personally tell you I'm thankful you chose that because not only have you protected you and Bellie but you're also protecting Matty and I."

As much as we'd have loved to get a peek into Alex's life these days with her daughter Arabella, we're glad that she's happy where she is, and is happy with MTV's decision not to invite her back. We're not sure what's going to happen with Bri on the show now, but it's one thing Alex won't have to worry about in her own life.

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