Kailyn Lowry May Be Saving Her Baby Daddy Reveal for the Show


Kailyn Lowry has done an amazingly fantastic job protecting the identity of her baby daddy. She's currently pregnant with kiddo number three, and other than speculation, we have no clue who the father is -- but we may be finding out once the new season of Teen Mom 2 airs.


Kail is currently filming for Season 8 of the show, and according to insiders, the unnamed dad-to-be has been around the whole time, and very supportive. However. He has refused to be filmed, and won't sign a release form to appear on the show.

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We actually think this is a good sign of a healthy relationship for Kail, regardless of any romantic connection between the two. We know they are friends who "briefly dated" last fall (when the little one was conceived), but are reportedly not in a relationship anymore.

Still, a source close to the show explained, "Most of the [boyfriend and girlfriends of the stars] just want to be on TV, and are excited to get a little fame, so they instantly agree to go on. This guy has been different ... He doesn't want all the headache that comes with being on the show. He doesn’t want to get picked apart and give up his privacy."

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Wow, definitely sounds like a different kind of guy than some of the dudes we've seen come through (looking at you, Nathan Griffith) over the years.

Even with this guy's hesitancy to out himself, there's still a chance it could happen on camera at some point. It's no secret that MTV has been willing to increase dollar amounts in order to get reluctant parties to appear on the show, and at some point, the money might just be too good to pass up. After all, it's probably going to come out at some point anyway -- why not get paid for it?

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