Luke Pell Would've Been a Seriously Shady 'Bachelor' -- Here's Why

Luke Pell

This year's edition of The Bachelor may have already come and gone, but Luke Pell isn't letting go. He's made it clear that he's still pissed he didn't get the gig, but it sounds like if he had, it would have been a really weird season. Apparently Luke told women to apply for the show so he could choose them. Really?! 


According to Reality Steve, when Luke thought he was ABC's final choice for their next leading men, he reportedly tried to handpick his contestants in a really shady way.

As a blogger named Airelle Snyder tells it in a YouTube video, she was going to be on the most recent season of The Bachelor after Luke said she should be on the show and he'd choose her in the end. She even ended up flying out to LA to meet with casting directors, but when Luke wasn't chosen, Airelle's chances disappeared, too.

But wait -- there's more. Remember Lauren Hussey, who was eliminated the first night of Nick Viall's season? Yep, she got played by Luke, too, and now the women have joined forces to expose his tricks. This drama is too good.

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And it doesn't even stop there, because according to Reality Steve, Luke reportedly even pulled the same thing with Jubilee Sharpe. Yes, that Jubilee, from this last season of The Bachelor. OMG! 

All of this is so completely mind-blowing that we can't even deal, but it sounds like it's probably for the best that Luke wasn't named the Bachelor after all. Or wait ... maybe he totally should have been. The disaster that would have happened when (at least) three women showed up, all thinking they were set to become Luke's fiancée in the end, would have made great television. 

Never a dull moment in Bachelor Nation, huh? If you'll excuse us, we need to lie down to process this. 

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