Catelynn Baltierra & Amber Portwood Get Real About Farrah Abraham

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If you've been keeping up with Teen Mom OG -- especially recently -- you probably already know that Farrah Abraham isn't exactly BFFs with her costars. But how do they really feel about her? Amber and Catelynn talked to People about Farrah, and what they had to say doesn't come as a huge surprise.


Amber didn't mince words when it came to the topic of Farrah. It sounds like her feelings haven't changed at all, and we have a sense it's going to stay that way.

Here's what Amber told the mag: 

She's just not a person that I want to attach myself with. I do not want kids today who are watching the show to think that that is a strong woman. That is not a strong woman. That is a hateful woman. That is not what you want to be like. She's trying to be something that she's not.

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel, Amber! 

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And although Catelynn wasn't much more positive, she seemed to take a more compassionate, concerned approach toward the Farrah subject. She even described her as "sadness," and thinks she could benefit from professional help -- something Catelynn definitely has a little experience with herself.

She said: 

When you listen to what she says, most of the time when she answers stuff she doesn't make sense anyways. I feel like she needs help, like severe counseling to really figure out whatever's going on -- to help her help herself. 

So far, Farrah has yet to respond to her costars' opinions, but don't worry. We're sure that's right around the corner! We can't see an end to this drama anytime soon,  but isn't that why we all love this show so much?

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