Corinne Olympios Has a T-Shirt Line -- You Know You Want One

Corinne Olympios

Still obsessed with Corinne Olympios, even though The Bachelor has been over for weeks? Never fear, our favorite villain-turned-hero has exactly what you need. Corinne is selling her own line of shirts, and fans can wear some of her most iconic quotes from the show anytime they want. 


On Tuesday, Corinne posted a video on Instagram advertising the line she created with Riot Society, and it's totally worth a watch -- mostly because it's hilarious and it's even more proof of how much she doesn't take any of this seriously. 

The shirts are already on sale at, and we have to admit, they're actually pretty cute. She thought of everything, and of course, there's a "Platinum Vagine" shirt just in case you want to show your pride that way too.

Corinne t-shirt platinum vagine
Riot Society

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There are so many choices to make, whether you'd like a plain T-shirt with her classic slogan "make America Corinne again," or if you just feel the need for sushi and naps like our girl does, you can find something that expresses that too. 

The shirts are all reasonably priced at $22, and they look super comfy for working out or just hanging out. And yeah, we're pretty sure that is her Bachelor costar Jasmine Goode modeling some of the shirts. This is the best idea ever! 

Corinne, once again, genius. If you need us, we'll be handing her all of our money, and then taking a nap. 

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