Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra Upset Fans With Pregnancy Joke

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They can't do that to us! On Tuesday, Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra announced that they were expecting another baby, and we all went nuts with excitement for them. Until a few hours later, when they revealed that the whole thing was just a joke. Our hearts can't take that, Cate and Ty!


Tyler and Catelynn added Nova to their family just over two years ago, so it wouldn't be weird if they were indeed expecting again. They made the difficult decision to give their firstborn daughter Carly to adoption after becoming pregnant in high school, and shared their journey on 16 and Pregnant before joining the cast of Teen Mom (and later Teen Mom OG).

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So we were understandably thrilled when we saw the announcement that they were expecting number three. Cate started the rumor by tweeting, "Wahhh I'm ready for another baby @TylerBaltierra," on Tuesday morning. Ty responded directly, saying, "Me too babe."

A few hours later, Nova's mom posted this on Instagram, along with the caption, "Proud to announce a new baby Baltierra."


Just an hour later, she followed it up with a meme and clarified that she was joking, and added that she would like another one "soon." But we were all still wondering what was the truth really was. 

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The couple also took to Twitter to confirm that they had been joking about the pregnancy announcement. He wrote, "It was a cruel thing to do, I'm sorry lol ... Apparently the world can't take jokes anymore ... don't worry #TeenMomOG will be back on the air soon so we can disappoint you some more."

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Although some fans expressed their disappointment over the joke, it will take a lot more than that to really upset us. We would, however, appreciate it if you could refrain from giving us another mini–heart attack again soon.

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