15 TV Sibling Rivalries That Make Our Kids' Feuds Seem Tame

Liz Alterman | Apr 7, 2017 TV
15 TV Sibling Rivalries That Make Our Kids' Feuds Seem Tame
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Full House Stephanie and D.J. Tanner
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Getting along with siblings can prove challenging -- no matter what age you are! Some of the biggest rivalries we've seen have taken place on the small screen, with both hilarity and horror coming out of these fraught relationships. We compiled a list of the 15 best squabbling siblings on television -- and they're bound to make you feel better about the way your kids go at it. 

Or, if you face ongoing battles with a brother or sister, know that you're in good company. Take a look at some of the funny and ferocious feuds between family members that we couldn't stop watching. 

  • Marcia & Jan Brady

    marcia and jan brady
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    Though they ultimately loved each other, Marcia and Jan Brady certainly had their share of disputes. Luckily, Carol and Mike (and don't forget housekeeper, Alice!) always weighed in and got the Brady Bunch sisters back on track. 

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  • Joanie & Richie Cunningham

    Joanie and Richie Cunningham
    ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

    They weren't all Happy Days for Joanie and Richie Cunningham. This little sister wasn't afraid to talk back to her big brother, and tell on him to mom and dad when she needed to. Luckily, garage tenant Fonzie was there to diffuse many battles.  

  • Janice & Tony Soprano

    Janice and Tony Soprano

    Though they came from the same mom and dad, the Sopranos siblings were definitely coming from different places! Occasionally they bonded over the craziness of their mom, Livia, but more often than not, they were butting heads, which made for fabulous viewing.

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  • Lisa & Bart Simpson

    Lisa and Bart Simpson

    The Simpsons siblings Bart and Lisa couldn't be more opposite, with Bart the perennial slacker/prankster and Lisa the consummate overachiever. We love these two because we know so many families where this dynamic exists in real life as well. 

  • Mike & Carol Seaver

    Mike and Carol Seaver
    ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

    Much like the non-animated versions of Bart and Lisa Simpson, Growing Pains' Mike and Carol Seaver were always at odds over some silly thing. Good thing work-at-home dad and psychologist Jason was prepared to set them straight if things escalated too far.

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  • Mallory & Alex Keaton

    Mallory and Alex Keaton

    The Family Ties brother and sister were always insulting each other, as Alex was a type-A, high-energy finance whiz and Mallory preferred to think about makeup and fashion. It's no wonder these two didn't see eye to eye!

  • Haley & Alex Dunphy

    Haley and Alex Dunphy
    ABC/Tony Rivetti

    Modern Family's Haley and Alex Dunphy have their share of disputes, as Alex got the brains and Haley the conventional beauty -- and neither ever lets the other forget it. At the end of the day, though, the sisters usually come around to appreciate each other's stand-out qualities.

  • Lady Mary & Lady Edith


    At times, the hatred between these Downton Abbey sisters knew no limits. The ladies, despite being ladies by title, would stop at nothing to destroy each other's hopes and dreams for a solid future. Yet somehow watching them scheme against one another was cruelly entertaining. 

  • Greg, Peter & Bobby Brady


    The Brady Bunch brothers weren't immune to fighting. Greg and Peter went at it from time to time, and then, as trickle-down sibling rivalry often works, Peter would give youngest brother Bobby a hard time. Maybe it would've been better if the trio hadn't shared a room?

  • Arnold & Willis


    Diff'rent Strokes' Arnold drove big brother Willis crazy sometimes, but he got away with it because of his adorable face, those sweet chubby cheeks, and his trademark, "Whatch you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" 

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  • Phoebe & Ursula


    Who could forget those identical twins Ursula and Phoebe on Friends? The sisters were polar opposites, with Ursula often taking advantage of Phoebe's kind nature. Though, we suppose using your twin's moniker as your porn star name goes beyond just a small transgression. We were Team Phoebe all the way.

  • Jean Ralphio & Mona Lisa Saperstein


    This hilarious set of twins often stole the show on Parks & Rec. Though they were typically taking cruel shots at one another, it seemed to be all in the name of laughs. 

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  • D.J. & Stephanie Tanner


    Little sister Stephanie loved to sass big sis D.J., often leaving the men in the family scratching their heads wondering how to handle these feisty ladies. Fortunately, as Full House wore on, the two began to get along -- kind of like how it goes in real life, too, hopefully. 

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  • Michael & Gob Bluth


    Both of these Arrested Development characters were so funny in different ways. Too bad they couldn't seem to get along. But they weren't the only ones in the family who couldn't make their relationship work. Sister Lindsay and baby brother Buster were always battling with them -- and each other -- as well. 

  • Becky & Darlene Conner


    The squabbling sisters from Roseanne were always at each other's throats. Fortunately, their mama was ready to read both of them the riot act if they took it too far. 

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