Vanessa Grimaldi Reportedly Dated a Famous Actor Before Nick Viall Came Around

Nick Viall and Vanessa

Before Vanessa Grimaldi won The Bachelor, it seemed like she was just your average (gorgeous) special-needs teacher from Canada. But it sounds like she's actually had a little experience dating someone in the spotlight. Reportedly Vanessa has famous actor ex, and there are rumors floating around that she just might still have feelings for him.


According to a story in the print edition of OK! magazine (via The Hollywood Gossip), Vanessa had a long-distance relationship with Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum (below) that lasted right up until her stint on The Bachelor, and she supposedly could be having second thoughts about ending things with him.

An insider allegedly told the mag that Vanessa is supposedly planning on making an exit ASAP, but if you ask us? We seriously doubt it. There's no getting around the fact that Michael is a good-looking dude, but so is Nick. There has to be a reason they broke up, so why would they get back together? 

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As awkward as their appearance on After the Final Rose was, for now it seems like Nick and Vanessa are doing fine. They've been seen out and about on double dates and they seem totally head over heels for each other on social media. It could be an act, but we're pretty sure a breakup isn't in their future.

If Nick and Vanessa don't make it to the altar, we have a feeling it won't be because of any lingering feelings for their exes. The pressure of a relationship that began on reality TV can be huge for a new couple, so we're sure they have plenty of things to work out and discuss before they tie the knot. 

But if we see Vanessa out with Michael, we'll know the truth. Fingers crossed Nick doesn't end up heartbroken yet again.

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