Mackenzie Douthit Is the Latest 'Teen Mom' Star to Spark Pregnancy Rumors


Something is definitely in the water when it comes to the Teen Mom cast, because these mamas have been announcing pregnancies left and right. So is a certain Teen Mom 3 star next? This weekend, Mackenzie Douthit McKee adressed rumors that she's pregnant, so now we have an answer once and for all.


Last week, fans began to speculate that Mackenzie could be expecting her fourth child after she posted an Instagram photo that made it seem like she had a baby bump. Check it out.


But as it turns out, that's not a baby bump you're seeing -- in fact, it's far more likely it's just a food baby. Since having her third, Broncs, Mackenzie has been working hard to keep those rock hard abs in check, and it looks like that's not changing anytime soon.

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As soon as Mackenzie caught wind of the rumor, she turned to Twitter to clear things up. Nope, she's not expecting, and like she's said in the past, we doubt she ever will be again! 


That's the best way to handle these kind of rumors -- with a heavy dose of sarcasm. We were prepared to congratulate this busy mom if she was pregnant, but we have a feeling her three are keeping her busy enough without adding a newborn to the mix!

For now, we're totally satisfied with keeping up with Broncs, Gannon, and Jaxie on her Instagram. They're so cute! 

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