Jenelle Evans's Wedding Might Be Missing One Very Important Guest

Jenelle Evans and David Eason

Now that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are officially engaged, she's already making plans for their upcoming nuptials, but there's a chance a very important member of her family may not be in attendance. Jenelle says she might not invite her mom to her wedding -- what?! 


During an interview with E! News this week, Jenelle talked about her wedding -- which she describes as "sweet and Southern" -- and even got into the particulars of the guest list. She's planning on keeping it to just family and close friends, so that would naturally include Babs, right? Not so fast.

Here's what Jenelle told the site on the matter: 

The relationship I have with my mother is the same as it has always been, sadly. We have not decided if she will be invited or not. Our relationship is getting more damaged every day, but I have told her this. 

Ouch! We can't imagine how hurt Barbara must be to find that out. 

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We know that Jenelle's relationship with her mom has always been a very complicated (and sometimes volatile) one, especially after this season's Teen Mom 2 finale and reunion. But is it so bad that she wouldn't want her mom to see her get married? We feel like not inviting Barbara would be a decision Jenelle would definitely regret later in her life. 

As for the rest of Jenelle's plans? She wants to wear a dress that's "modern and unique," and is already hitting the gym and eating healthy so she'll be nice and fit for the big day. 

Hopefully Barbara will be there to witness it all later this year. She and Jenelle might have a messy mother/daughter thing going on, but who can deny that she loves Jenelle?! 

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