Kailyn Lowry Shares Adorable Ultrasound Picture of Baby #3

Kailyn Lowry

Awww! There's nothing sweeter than a new baby, is there? Even one who is yet to be born. Kailyn Lowry shared a new sonogram photo of her third child, and the little guy or gal is already stinking adorable.


The Teen Mom 2 star is around 21 weeks (she revealed she was 17 weeks about a month ago), and from this sweet little profile pic she shared, her bean looks gorgeous.

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Kail included some earlier ultrasound pics as well, along with the caption, "I can't wait to meet you," and a smiley-face emoji.


We're dying to know if it's going to be baby boy number three for Kail, or her first daughter. She already has two sons, Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3, so having a girl would definitely be a change! But there's something so sweet about the idea of being a mom of three little boys too.

As much as we want to know though, Kail said earlier in her pregnancy that she's waiting until the birth to find out the gender.

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Either way, we're so happy for Kail, and think she's amazing for doing this on her own. She's remained mum about who the father is, but considering she's not in a relationship (that we know about), it's hard to tell how involved he will be in this kiddo's life. Regardless, there's going to be no shortage of love for this baby. And we can't wait to "meet" him or her in a few months either.

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