Chelsea DeBoer's Family Is About to Get a Little Bigger

Chelsea Houska animals

Chelsea DeBoer may have just welcomed her second child, but it sounds like her family is about to get even bigger -- and more feathery. Chelsea is considering getting a few chickens, but knowing her love of animals, this doesn't surprise us at all! 


Earlier this week, Chelsea took to Twitter to share her thoughts and see what her followers thought of the idea. Of course, Tyler Baltierra wasted no time letting her know that his daughter Nova loves their chickens, and many of her followers echoed his sentiment. 

Chelsea Houska Twitter

Chelsea is no stranger to caring for all kinds of animals, since she's always had dogs and even a pet pig, Pete -- and Aubree seems to absolutely adore all of them. How cute would she be helping her mom care for chickens?! And when Watson is old enough and he joins in? Too adorable for words! 

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She even added that she's hoping the chickens will help get Aubree into 4-H so she can show them, which would be such a cool and fun experience for her. And since Aubree takes after her mom in the animal department, she'd love it! 

So far, it sounds like Chelsea is leaning toward adding a few to her family, but she hasn't shared her final decision yet. Hopefully when she does, she'll update us -- and share plenty of pictures. Baby chicks are the best! 

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