Farrah Abraham Disses Simon Saran on Snapchat

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran

Don't mess around with this lady. We thought they were back together again, but after Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham posted about her ex-boyfriend on Snapchat, we have no choice but to assume that she and Simon Saran have split once again.


It's really hard to keep track these days. We figured they were back together after she posted a photo on Instagram of them kissing last month. They also seemed pretty unified when they were slamming Amber Portwood for inviting them to her wedding. You know, because they're so classy.

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Anyway, their reconciliation didn't last very long, if that's what it was. since Farrah took to Snapchat over the weekend to slam her ex-boyfriend.


"When your ex can only get bottle girls LMAO face like," Farrah captioned the heavily filtered image. It's entirely possible that she was referring to a different ex-boyfriend, but unless she's been secretly seeing someone in the past couple of years, Simon is the only guy we know about.

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Plus doesn't he just seem like the type to go after bottle-service girls? He may or may not have a ton of money to throw around in show-offy ways like bottle service, but he sure as heck acts like it. And of course he'd hit on the ladies serving him, who would flirt back in hopes of a very large tip.

Farrah has frequently pointed out to Simon on Teen Mom OG that he could never do better than her, so we're not surprised that she'd throw this kind of shade his way. But honestly, it all seems kind of ridiculous at this point. 

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